Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail Labels vs Folders

Gmail Logo What is the difference between email folders and Gmail Labels?


Gmail Labels Folders
You can apply any number of Labels to 1 single message 1 email can be sent to only one folder or you can only copy emails to multiple folder
Gmail uses conversation and one label can track all the conversation NA
A conversation can have email from Sent or Draft or Inbox or Archive. Label can pull all that when you click on it You will have to remember where every related message is
You have the option of searching the conversation by Label This may not be the same with Folders
You can add more labels later You have to copy the emails to more folders
You can delete or remove the label applied to an email by one click You cannot do it easily
So these are only the theory of the difference between Labels and Folders. If you start using Gmail labels you will see more differences.

My opinion is Labels are the best.

If you have any questions or suggestions please post a comment.

Dave 🙂

How to ZIP or Compress Folders and email?

You cannot email a folder containing many files. No email provider allows that.

But you can compress the folder or convert the folder into Zipped file and email it.

All email provider allow you to send the files but not the folders, folders only contain many files but folders are not files.

If you have many files in one folder, simply follow the steps to ZIP and email.

I have created a demo folder for demo purpose

The folder name is Demo and it contains many text documents inside as seen below

Folder with many files
Folder with many files

Now go back to the folder and right click the folder

You will get set of menu which is called “Context Menu”

Click on “Send to” menu

Then click “Compressed (zipped) Folder” menu as seen below

Compressing Folder
Compressing Folder

You will sometime get a notification as seen below

Compressing Folder Notification
Compressing Folder Notification

You can click “Yes”

Once you click that, based on the size of the folder, you will immediately get a Zipped file instead of a folder.

Compressed Folder Zip File
Compressed Folder Zip File

Now you can view this folder in any Windows PC that is using XP or Vista. And you can also email this file as an attachment.

There are seperate softwares available for compressing folders and files. I have posted this only to help you know how to email a folder.

If you have any question or suggestion, post a comment

Dave 🙂