Gmail Tips and Tricks – Delete Gmail Chat History

Gmail Logo Gmail offers a feature where one can chat from Gmail Inbox.

Gmail stores the chat history in a folder inside Gmail. You can disable this feature or if you want to delete the chat history, you can delete it by the following method.

  • Login to Gmail.
  • On the left side of the screen you will see the Chat menu below Starred menu. I do not mean the chat window.

Gmail Chat

  • Click the Chat button
  • You will see the list of chat history in this folder and all the chat history is stored in Email format
  • When you open any conversation, you will see the date, time and the name of the person you chat with
  • If you want to delete any chat history, choose the message that you want to delete and click more action
  • Gmail bring bunch of option and choose Delete as seen below

Gmail Delete Chat

  • The selected chat history will be deleted
  • You can also delete the chat history from the message view as described below
  • On right side of the message you will see Reply and an arrow next to it
  • Click the arrow to get a drop down menu
  • Select Delete this message

Gmail Delete Chat 1

  • Selected chat message will be deleted
  • All the deleted chat history is stored in Trash, so do not forget to delete the messages forever from trash folder

I have applied the theme so the view and color in your Gmail may differ.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks – How to Reply email by Chat in Gmail (Google mail)?

Gmail offers chat feature inside your mail window.

If you see your contacts online, and if you want to chat online you can use Gmail chat option displaying on the left side of the screen.

Also, if you has received an email from your contact and if you want to discuss about the same topic you can choose �Reply by Chat�

This feature helps you save the message and the chat conversation in a same group, so you don’t need to search for the message related to your chat or related to email.

Make sure your contact is online

Open the message

At the bottom of the message you will see the option �Reply by Chat to ��

Gmail reply by Chat Click the link �Reply by Chat to ��

You will see the chat window pop-up opening at the bottom of your screen

Gmail reply by Chat 1

And you can start chatting with your contact. This will save the email and the chat history in your chat history.

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