Gmail Tips and Tricks – Saving your messages while composing (Draft)

When composing any email, we may get distracted and want to send the email later. You do not need to lose the draft message, you can save it in Gmail.

And Gmail also offers a great feature of saving your draft or the message that you are currently composing, every few minutes. So you will not lose any information and Gmail also saves the attachments if any.

To get the message back, click on the Drafts folder link on the left side

Below screenshot explains how it looks like before and after saving.

Before saving the draft

Gmail Saving Draft before

With in few minutes or sometimes less than a minute, Gmail auto saves the draft. You will see a notification as shown below

Gmail Saving Draft after

You can also save the draft manually by clicking on the Save Now button

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Add Emotions in Gmail

You can add emotions when sending emails from Gmail like instant messaging

This is very simple Gmail offers 2 types of smiley, one is round shape as normal another one is in square format which is new the internet world

Click compose inside your Gmail

And you will see the new message compose box and click on the Emotion icon

You will get the display as below

Choose which one you want just by clicking on the icom

Gmail Emotions Square Type
Gmail Emotions Round type Type

To switch between round and square, at the bottom of the emotions box you will see rounded and squared icons. Click on that to choose the one you want.

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