Gmail Tips and Tricks – Conversation View Messages (Google Mail Reading)

If you are a new user to Gmail, you may be confused with this feature that Google offers.

What is conversation view?

When you send an email from your Gmail, and if you get a reply to your message with the same subject line, both the messages are arranged in single email view as seen below

Gmail Conversation View

You will see the Message sender and the replier and the number of messages

Whoever started the conversation, will appear first and the last replier will appear next

When you click the message, you will get the� message view as seen below

Gmail Conversation View 1 You will see the Subject on top in Bold letters, next the old messages as hidden and the new messages are the open readable and open now

You can view the Old message by clicking on the Old message subject

There is also an option of Expand or Collapse all the messages as seen below

Gmail Conversation Expand When the messages are displayed together, click �Expand all�

When all the messages are displayed, click �Collapse all�

You can also click �Forward all� to forward all the message in the current conversation to any email address

Gmail conversations are best but it is still facing some issues, like not related messages are in the conversation. Gmail basically uses the subject line to arrange the conversation, so if any one sends you a message with the same subject line it is organized in the same conversation.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Dave 🙂