Gmail Tips and Tricks – Delete Gmail Chat History

Gmail Logo Gmail offers a feature where one can chat from Gmail Inbox.

Gmail stores the chat history in a folder inside Gmail. You can disable this feature or if you want to delete the chat history, you can delete it by the following method.

  • Login to Gmail.
  • On the left side of the screen you will see the Chat menu below Starred menu. I do not mean the chat window.

Gmail Chat

  • Click the Chat button
  • You will see the list of chat history in this folder and all the chat history is stored in Email format
  • When you open any conversation, you will see the date, time and the name of the person you chat with
  • If you want to delete any chat history, choose the message that you want to delete and click more action
  • Gmail bring bunch of option and choose Delete as seen below

Gmail Delete Chat

  • The selected chat history will be deleted
  • You can also delete the chat history from the message view as described below
  • On right side of the message you will see Reply and an arrow next to it
  • Click the arrow to get a drop down menu
  • Select Delete this message

Gmail Delete Chat 1

  • Selected chat message will be deleted
  • All the deleted chat history is stored in Trash, so do not forget to delete the messages forever from trash folder

I have applied the theme so the view and color in your Gmail may differ.

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