Gmail Tips And Tricks (Layout Overview)

Gmail The better free email system

This post explains how the layout of Gmail looks and description about each fields

Click and open the image in a new tab or window, so you can follow what I am explaining here

Gmail Overview chart
Gmail Overview chart (CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE)

General Navigation to other Gmail Services

  • You can use 1 Gmail ID to browse all the Google services
  • Inside Gmail you will find links to other services like Calender, Documents, Photos, Reader, Web and More
  • Under more, you have Youtube, Images, Sites, Maps, News, Shopping, Video, Groups, Books, Scholar, Finance, Blogs and even more…
  • The best part of this navigation link is, when you access something very often from your account that will come on top from the more menu. For example, if you are accessing Books very often, the Books menu will appear as a button instead of hiding under more menu

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