Gmail Tips and Tricks – Knowing if the message sent to you only or Group

Using Gmail you can find if a message is sent to you only or to a group of people.

To say this more clearly, if a message is sent to you and your address is the only address in the �To� field. There might be other people included in the same email but in CC or BCC field.

Gmail offers a feature� called Personal Level Indicator. You need to enable this feature by following the methods below.

  • Login to you Gmail account
  • On top right corner you will see the �Settings� link and click
  • This will open a General tab with loaded option Gmail Personal Level Indicators
  • Middle of the this page just below the Signature option you will find the Personal Level Indicator option
  • Choose Show indicators as shown below
  • Gmail Personal Level Indicators 1 Now save the changes that you made at the bottom
  • Go to your Inbox
  • You will see the messages with the small arrow indicating this feature

Gmail Personal Level Indicators 2

  • If you see a double arrow >> this means that the message is sent to you and also to many others
  • If you see a single arrow > this means that the message is only sent to you
  • This should help you prioritize your email reading in Gmail

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