Gmail Tips and Tricks – Play and Download Mp3 file from your Gmail

Gmail offers this great feature where you can play your mp3 attachment on the go. It is fast compared to any other email providers like Yahoo or MSN.

When you receive an email in your Gmail with the mp3 attachment, you can either play� it online or download it.

  • To do this login to Gmail
  • Open the attachment that contains mp3 files
  • At the bottom of the message you will see the attachment

Gmail Play Mp3

  • You have 2 options either to download or to play the file
  • Click Download and the file will be downloaded to your local drive
  • Click Play to play the file on the web
  • When you click Play, Gmail opens a new small window and it automatically loads the file as seen below

Gmail Play Mp3 options

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Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail PPT view as slideshow

When you receive a PPT or PPS attachment Gmail loads that attachment as a slideshow in your browser.

To view your Microsoft Powerpoint attachment as a slide show

  • Log in to Gmail
  • Open the message that contains PPT
  • you will see the link to view the slide show as seen below

Gmail Slideshow

  • Click on the �View as Slideshow� link
  • Gmail will load the slideshow in a new window
  • So, even if you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint in your system you can view the slideshow using Gmail.
  • Attach or forward the email that has the PPT file and view it as slideshow
  • When you open the slideshow you will see the new window with the options as shown below

Gmail Slideshow 1

  • Click on the arrow on top of the page to move to the next slide
  • Right top corner you have number of slide and you can choose which on you want to view
  • So Gmail is great by offering these type of feature than any other email providers.

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