Gmail Tips and Tricks – Gmail PPT view as slideshow

When you receive a PPT or PPS attachment Gmail loads that attachment as a slideshow in your browser.

To view your Microsoft Powerpoint attachment as a slide show

  • Log in to Gmail
  • Open the message that contains PPT
  • you will see the link to view the slide show as seen below

Gmail Slideshow

  • Click on the �View as Slideshow� link
  • Gmail will load the slideshow in a new window
  • So, even if you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint in your system you can view the slideshow using Gmail.
  • Attach or forward the email that has the PPT file and view it as slideshow
  • When you open the slideshow you will see the new window with the options as shown below

Gmail Slideshow 1

  • Click on the arrow on top of the page to move to the next slide
  • Right top corner you have number of slide and you can choose which on you want to view
  • So Gmail is great by offering these type of feature than any other email providers.

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