Gmail revert to Classic Gmail Look

Gmail automatically makes users to switch to new Google interface. But people like me are not comfortable with the new dull look of Gmail. Its kind of pain for the eyes.

If you are like me you can revert to old Gmail, Classic look easily

1. On the right side of your Gmail page click the gear icon

2. Then click Revert to “Old look temporarily”


3. Gmail will display a message asking you why you want to switch to Old look. You can tell them why if you wish to OR switch back simply


4.Now your old Gmail will load again and you can enjoy it.

5. If you again want to switch to New Look, you can click the link at the right bottom of the screen


Hope this helps you…

How to Delete Gmail Contacts – Updated

Gmail contacts are stored automatically when you send an email to somebody, it also stores contacts or emails addresses that are typed wrongly by mistake.

You can easily delete the Gmail contacts that you do not want anymore.

Login to Gmail

Go to the contacts page by clicking on the Contacts link on the left side of your Gmail

Search and find the contact that you want to delete

Choose the contact and click the Delete contact button



You will find the Delete option under More actions tab. Once you delete the contact you will get a confirmation as below

Delete Confirmation

Using the method above you can delete any Gmail contacts or email addresses in your address book.

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