Google New Search Feature

Gmail has introduced a new search feature which is really cool. I have posted many Advanced search tips earlier. this adds to the same list again.

Here is the screen shot showing this feature.

Click the Show options link and you will see a menu opening in the left side

Google Advanced Search New Feature1

Once when you see this menu choose the parameters to get the refined result as you wanted. You will also see a new link button appearing at the end of this menu called “Reset options” when you choose any of the other options. Just click on that link to reset any filters.

Google Advanced Search New Feature

This is a great feature Google has introduced now. We had to do the advanced search so far, now no more tricky searches.

Google Hacks – Check Current Time

How to check the time in Google?

It is a easy trick that Google offers you to check the time instantly.

If you want to know the current time of any major cities follow the below steps

  • Go to
  • Enter Time and the city you want to know the time for, inside the search box
  • For example,
  • Type Time London
  • Remember to add a space between Time and the City
Google Time Search
Google Time Search

This only works for major cities

If you have any question or suggestion, please post a comment.

Dave 🙂