Google Docs Tips – Changing the Google Docs Work Space view


Google Docs offers great document editing space which is similar to MS Word.

You can change the editing views to Normal and Print View as in MS Word

  • Login to Google Docs
  • Open the document that you want to change the View type
  • By default Google Docs load all the new Documents only in Normal View
  • To Change this Click View on the Menu Bar


Google Docs View

  • You will see the below menu list appearing

Google Docs View Change

  • You have 3 options to choose the view
  • Google documents default view is Normal (Plain) View, Click on the Fixed-Width page view to see the Print View as seen in MS Word Documents
  • You can also make the screen bigger by clicking Full-Screen Mode, you can use the shortcut key Cntrl+Shift+F

Try this for yourself and make your choice.

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