Google New Search Feature

Gmail has introduced a new search feature which is really cool. I have posted many Advanced search tips earlier. this adds to the same list again.

Here is the screen shot showing this feature.

Click the Show options link and you will see a menu opening in the left side

Google Advanced Search New Feature1

Once when you see this menu choose the parameters to get the refined result as you wanted. You will also see a new link button appearing at the end of this menu called “Reset options” when you choose any of the other options. Just click on that link to reset any filters.

Google Advanced Search New Feature

This is a great feature Google has introduced now. We had to do the advanced search so far, now no more tricky searches.

Google Tips and Tricks – Delete/Erase search history

imagesWhen you use Google Search, your search keyword will be automatically saved in to your browser. So when you do a search and if you want to clear the search history you need to adjust your browser settings.

If you are using the Google toolbar to search, then you need to clean that when you want it.

How to clean/delete/erase the searching history from your browser?



  • Open Firefox and click Tools menu

Firfox Tools Menu

  • Click Options and you will see the options window

Firfox Options Menu

  • At the bottom of the window under Private Data Choose your preference for deleting the browsing history.
  • If you choose “Always…” the search history will be deleted whenever you close Firefox
  • If you choose “Ask…” you need to manually delete the Private data
  • You need to do the Settings first, so click setting to get the below window

Firfox Options Private data Menu

  • Choose which item to be deleted in the list
  • To clear search item click “Saved Form and Search History”, then click OK
  • Now if you want to clear the search history Go to Tools menu and you will see “Clear Private Data” option

Firefox Clear Private data

  • You will get the “Clear Private Data” window and choose which one to delete

Internet Explorer (7)

  • Go to Tools and you will see the below menu
  • Click “Delete Browsing History”


  • This will display the below window to choose the option

IE Hostory delete options

  • Choose “Delete Forms” and all the search history will be deleted

Google Toolbar

  • Click the arrow icon next to the search bar as shown below

Google Toolbar Delete History

  • You will see the “Clear Search History” Click on the link
  • All the Toolbar search history will be deleted

If you have any questions about more of this, please comment.

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