Gmail Tips and Tricks – Delete Gmail Account or delete Gmail user ID

Not all the email service provider offers this feature but Gmail or Google mail offer this feature, if you do not want to keep the email ID.

Remember: You cannot get the ID back, all the messages will be deleted permanently. You may have to create a new ID if you want.

If you have decided not to keep your Gmail ID and want to delete it do the following

  • Go to Settings which appears on top of the page
  • Click Accounts Tab
  • Click �Google accounts settings�

Gmail delete account

  • You will have a new page opened
  • At the right side of the page you will see the content as below

Gmail Delete account 3

  • Click the Edit button next to My products
  • This will again open a page as seen below

Gmail Delete account 4

  • Here choose the option you want
  • You can only delete the Web History
  • Web History is a feature offered by Google to save all the searches you do under your Gmail ID
  • Choose Delete Gmail Services, if you do not want to keep the Gmail services or Gmail ID
  • You can also close the account by clicking Close the account and delete all the services and info associated with it

Remember it is highly impossible to get your ID back if you close your account

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Gmail Tips and Tricks – Dots in your email address

What is your gmail ID? and What else is your Gmail ID?

If you have an email ID without any dot, you can enjoy this feature

For example, My Gmail ID is

You can actually send emails to (See the dots in between)


You can send emails to

  • All the emails sent to the above addresses will be delivered to
  • So I register 1 account without dots in and add the dots later wherever I want

So if your gmail ID is johnsmith, you can let your friends know that your email id is John.Smith, add the dots wherever you want.

If you have any question or suggestion, please post a comment.

Dave 🙂