Google wave invite


Hey there, I am still hunting for a Google wave invite?

Did anyone visiting the site have luck with it. I had m friends get some from twitter and some contest. Also it seems like the user from some specific geographical region don not have any invite to give away.

Please post your comments.


Google Wave Invitation Sharing

google_wave_logo I am also one among those massive crowd that is looking for an invite to Google Wave. I thought it would be nice if the people who got the invite share at least one invite to the public.

I am sure this will help many people to get Google Invite.

Please post your email ID here. But do not post it straight away just alter your ID like below. post this ID as “blogpostdemo at gmail dot com”.

So this way the email harvesters wont pick your email ID to spam.

Please share it. I will share it as soon as I get an Invite.

If any one wants to share an Invite, please comment.

I GOT THE WAVE JUST NOW. I will start sending the invite from the first commenter. Please share the wave invite to others in this page.