Gmail Tips and Tricks Filter Using the + (Plus eMail Address)

I recently found this feature and it is very great one to organize your inbox

I have created a new Gmail or Google account for demo purpose

  • If you know how the filtering works, you can really play with this method
  • Sometimes we may want to have more than 1 ID to sort the emails that we recieve from various sources. You may want to give your family members a different ID and for your friends different ID.
  • The reason we do this is because we do not want to miss any important emails.
  • You can use “(+) plus” feature in Gmail
  • if you want to organize your friends email, you can give your friends, instead of giving the real email ID, you can add a plus sign and any other word next to the plus sign.
  • This will be delivered to your email ID.
  • Using filter option you can filter all the mails coming to “” to a separate label skipping the inbox
  • Instead of friends you can use any other name like family, business, school, test, exams, travel, newsletter and etc…
  • When you sign up for online newsletter or for any other subscription use these type of email addresses to automatically filter the incoming emails.
  • I am going to send an email to my own address with a +test combination. So my ID is, and I am going to send an email to and below you will see the image how it looks like
Gmail Plus Option
Gmail Plus Option
  • Here is the email in my inbox and the detailed view of sender and receviers address
Gmail Plus Option detailed View
Gmail Plus Option detailed View

I also want you to read how to set filters, so all the emails sent to this address is filtered

Read more about setting up Filter option here

If you have any questions, post a comment

Dave 🙂