Download Limewire and Limewire Basics

Limewire is a great tool to download and share files.

You can find Movies, Audio, Video, Music, Books, Documents, Software and many more.

Here is how it looks like

Limewire Default look
Limewire Default look

Limewire has free and pro versions.

I use Pro version and the free version is similar to the pro with few added features.

Lets find some audio file using Limewire

  • Open Lime wire and Click
  • Enter “Think and grow Rich” in the search parameter
Limewire search parameter
Limewire search parameter
  • Wait till the top header turns in to green, i.e., wait for the search to complete
  • Find the availability by the number of seeders or sharers
  • Choose the maximum number with the appropriate title and click download
  • This will download the file into your  computer
  • You will require the someone to share files for you, this can be an unknown individual from any location, all you need is a person who has the file should switch on Limewire
Limewire file download
Limewire file download
  • This is more secure program to download the files for free
  • You can click the Video Tab to download movies or music videos
  • To download Documents, Images, Software or all types of files by choosing the left control panel
  • Lime wire also has the library to maintain the documents that you download
Limewire Library
Limewire Library
  • Limewire also comes with the Media player to play the audio that you have downloaded
Limewire Media player
Limewire Media player
  • You can browse the downloaded files from the bottom section
  • There are more options available to tune the download speed by changing the settings
  • This will by default take all your internet connection speed to download the files you have selected, So change the settings or download when the internet connection is free

You can download Limewire free here

  • You can use Limewire to download torrents files also

If you have any suggestions or questions, please post a comment

Dave 🙂