How to download Music, MP3 ?

How to download Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada or any other Indian music MP3?


Mp3 are available online for download. Only few of the music lover buy the CD or cassettes.


If you want to download the MP3 you can do the following. (Most of these are illegal, I am not encouraging you to do this, but this is how it happens today)


Another best way is to go to

This is a search engine and now a days they allow mp3 songs from all the languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu

You can look for direct download websites.

  • Search in Google as �Download MP3� you may want to choose the language so you can search as �Download Tamil Mp3�
  • Some sites will allow you to download all the songs in 1 instance
  • Few sites will only let you download 2 or 3 songs maximum per day.
  • For downloading the MP3 music you can use download accelerators
  • There are free accelerators available and also the premium versions
  • You can use the download managers which will save you cost and mostly faster

Here are the few sites where you can find the music MP3

For Tamil Movies and Music

You will mostly find all the Tamil mp3 songs in the above list.

For Hindi Music

(Limited Downloads) (Too many Ads)