Gmail Contacts Tips and Tricks

How to add, delete and organize Gmail contacts? What are the Tips and Tricks?

Gmail has a special feature of automatically adding the email addresses of the people whom you send emails frequently. Even if you send an email to anybody once, Gmail stores that email ID and when you type the email Id in the address box, it will suggest you, if you want to choose the contact that you have emailed already.

There are more people today who never save any contacts to their address book or contacts list.

If you save the email addresses, it will be very easy to organize the email addresses and this will help you save a lot of time when sending emails.

  • When you click on the Contacts button just below the Folders list, you will see a page like below
Gmail Contacts Button
Gmail Contacts Button
Gmail Contacts View
Gmail Contacts View
  • This is the page where you can manage your contacts
  • The below image explains the description about the buttons available in this page
Gmail Contacts Description
Gmail Contacts Description
  • The above image explains the first step of organizing your contacts
  • If you want to add a contact in Gmail, click the “add contact” button
  • You can create many groups for easy emailing by just clicking on the “add group” button
  • You can move contacts from 1 group to another
  • Suggested contacts are the email addresses saved automatically by Gmail and when you click the view suggestion, it will display the list of contact that can be added to the contacts list

How to add a contact?

  • When you click add contact button, you will get a page as below to enter the contact’s details
Gmail Add Contacts
Gmail Add Contacts
  • You can add the contact person’s Name, email, Phone, Address, Instant Messenger ID and more…
  • Gmail does not limit you to add one email ID per person, you can add more email IDs to 1 contact like home email ID, office email ID, etc…. and you can add more than 1 address, 1 phone number and 1 instant messenger Id to one contact.
  • If you want to organize your contacts into many groups, you can create groups of your preference
  • Click on the Add Group button
  • You will get a prompt as seen below
Gmail Add Contact Group
Gmail Add Contact Group
  • Enter the name of the group you want to create and click OK. You can edit the group name later
  • If you have never used the contact page, but if you have been sending emails to your friends then you will get a suggested list of email addresses that you have sent an email to
  • Click “Suggested Contacts” on the left to display the suggested email addresses
Gmail Suggested Contacts
Gmail Suggested Contacts
  • Choose the email addresses that you want to save and organize
  • Then click “Move to My Contacts”
  • You will see all the email Ids that you have selected have been moved to “My Contacts” and saved
  • If you want the email Id’s to be saved under specific group, click or select the email address in the 2nd column to get the page like below
Gmail Add Contacts to a group
Gmail Add Contacts to a Group
  • Select the group that you want to move your contacts or email addresses to
  • You can also edit any email address by simply clicking on the email address and on the right side column click on the edit button
  • You can also do a bulk import of all contacts from Outlook, Yahoo or Hotmail. You need to export the contacts from the email clients first.
  • Then choose the import button and add the contacts in Gmail
Gmail Import Export Contacts
Gmail Import Export Contacts

To delete any contacts or groups, click on the top right corner of the contacts page which says “Delete Contact” or “Delete Group”

These are the simplest method to manage any contacts in Gmail. This is very powerful than any other email service providers

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