Outlook Tips – Send and Receive Error message

Outlook I use outlook in everyday of my life. I sometimes  get the error message when I click “Send and Receive”. Outlook also gives the error code, I used the code and searched the net and I found no solution to it.

Finally, I found the problem not with anything but with the Email Service Provider. I use Yahoo Small Business account for my business email. And Yahoo sucks.

  • I switched the Internet service provider (ISP) but there was no use
  • I switched my computer no use
  • I completely uninstalled and installed outlook but no use

I tested IMAP and POP with Google account, it worked fine so far I never had an issue.

So, if you think your internet is up and running but Outlook is not working, it is 98% possible that your mail service provider has some problem. If you face this problem simply close your outlook and reopen it. As soon as you open go to the Outbox folder and delete the Unsent item. Then go to the “Deleted Items” folder and open the same email item and send again. It works sometimes, but not always. It is worth a try. You cannot delete the outbox item normally, you can only do it after you reopen your outlook, you have to be very quick to delete it.

If the problem persists, please wait. I had to wait for few days to get this matter resolved automatically. This step is only applicable if you were using Outlook successfully and suddenly if it is not working.

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