Skype Tips – Rename Your Contacts


Skype is a great technology for making calls worldwide to any landlines and cell phone number also to make Computer to Computer calls.

I admire Skype technology and everyday of my life I use Skype. I have used many versions of Skype and it seems to get better every time.

You may want your contact name different or the similar ones. How to rename Skype Contacts?


For example,

  • You might know a John working in your company and a John who is your client. This may lead to an issue where you sometime send a wrong message to your client.

To prevent this, you can give custom names to your contacts.

For example,

  • John Internal and John Client or Client John or John Consultmirror
  • This way you know to differentiate between 2 contacts

You can rename the Skype contacts by following the methods below

  • Login to Skype
  • Click on any contacts

Skype rename Contact

  • Right click on the contact view and you will get a menu as seen below

Skype rename Contact 1

  • Click “Rename”
  • This will give you the editing option on the existing name as seen below

Skype rename Contact 1.gif2

  • Change the name that you want to and click outside of this editing box
  • Your changes will be saved
  • I found this method to be very useful in organizing the contacts

You can keep funny names also, your contacts will not know that you have changed the name. Have Fun.

If you have any questions, please comment. Your suggestions and subscription will encourage me to post more.