Skype 4.0 New interface

Skype has changed to a new interface which might be tough for some people to understand quickly. Here, I will explain you the similarity and how to easily get use to the new interface.

You might get something like the below image in middle of your screen. Skype used to get launched on the right side of the window. Now you will have to move it to the right side. As I have mentioned in the below image, click on the little icon on the top which will split the display window and the regular contact window separate. Then move Skype to your right side. You will have to do this only once and Skype remembers this setting and will give you this look always.

Skype New interface

Skype New interface 1

You can add a special note to your viewers including smiley’s and any URL. If you have a long list of contacts then search in the search contact box.

Skype New interface 2

New Skype helps you to get better view on on the videos and conversation and notification the rest remains the same. post any questions that you might have, I will try to answer the same.