How to download Movies / Film from Internet for free?

Download movies from any country and any language

It is very easy to download movies from Internet. There are number of ways to do it. Some are illegal and some are not. These are done under the basis of sharing.

The following are the popular methods of downloading a movie from internet.

  • Download Movies using Torrent
  • Download movies using the forum
  • Download movies from Lime wire
  • Download movies from website like Rapid share

I am from India and for a long time I wondered how to download movies, then I finally found out how to do it. The most popular method is through Torrents.

I have another post in this title, you can read how to install the torrents an use it. (Note: I do not encourage you to download any illegal content from websites, this is a tech blog to help people acquire knowledge)

Use Google and find out the best websites that list the movie torrent

For English Movies


These 3 sites will serve the purpose, you do not need to look any further. They have limited advertisement and there is limited malware and other crappy stuffs.

You can use these sites to download many things other than movies also, such as Audio books, Games, E-books, TV shows, Software, etc…

But use it with caution, most of these are illegal

Post a comment if you have any questions.