How to Download utorrent and utorrent Basics

uTorrent a Powerful Bittorrent Client to download the files today

I was using Bitcomet for a long time but I do not like the new versions as they are getting more commercial and blocking the speed of the download purposefully (I guess so)

So compared to any other Bittorrent client utorrent is one of the best

Features of uTorrent

  • uTorrent is lightweight
  • uTorrent does not consume too much resources of your computer like Limewire
  • More options than other Bit Torrent client

You all know what is BitTorrent if you do not know you can read it in Wikipedia torrent page

So you have found a website to download music, movies, audio, software or games or anything interests you. The next step is to download the torrent to your computer.

Then download uTorrent or anything of your choice

Open uTorrent and you will see the following interface

Utorrent General View
Utorrent General View (click to enlarge Image)

Open the downloaded file

I have downloaded a torrent file to download Firefox 3.0 (This is legal because you can share Firefox)

Open the file and see the description below inside the image

Open Torrent File
Open Torrent File (Click to enlarge)

First choose the location you want to download the file

Give it a label, now we are downloading only one file but soon or later you will have 100’s of the files queued in Utorrent, It will be hard for you to find the ones you are looking for if you have no lable. Give it labels like “Browser”

The other settings are default setting that you do not need to touch

If you want the file download to start later uncheck “Start Torrent”

Sometime your download bunch will have more than 2 files, if you do not want to download all the files just uncheck the file list

If you go to advanced Tab you will see the Image as below

Setting torrent Properties
Setting torrent Properties

This is also called torrent properties setting

The websites are the ones that has the trackers (to make it easy to understand – the websites see how many people are sharing (Seeding) the file, how many are downloading etc. The more trackers you have, the more speed you get to download the file

If you do not any just leave everything to default

You can set the internet speed for each torrent file you download, so your normal work does not get affected

If you click on the advanced tab on top you will get the window as shown below

Torrent advanced settings
Torrent advanced settings

You can automatically run specific programs when the download completes such as Media Player or Document viewer etc..

Then click OK to start the download

Details of uTorrents

Utorrent General View and Description
Utorrent General View and Description (CLICK TO ENLARGE THE IMAGE)

The rest is very much self explanatory

Seeders: Seeders are the ones that have the full file in their computer

Peers or Leechers are the one that download the files from the seeders

Once you finish the download, you computer will automatically upload the files to some Leechers, You will be a seeder then

You can stop uploading the files by clicking on the stop button at the top

You can pause a download and start it again

You can close the application and start the download later

You can shutdown your computer and then start the application to download the paused download. You will not loose any downloaded portion of it. This is Good right? 🙂

More screen shots to help you know more about utorrent

utorrent Peers List
utorrent Peers List

When you click on the Peers Tab, you can see all the people who is seeding and downloading the file

uTorrent Files list
uTorrent Files list

Again Here you can select which file to download pause or stop by rght clicking on the file name

You can see the progress of the each file

uTorrent Speed Optimization
uTorrent Speed Optimization

I have not done this much, I always leave it to default

uTorrent Preference Window
uTorrent Preference Window

So you can set the preference here

This is very important and very useful to enjoy th complete benefit of uTorrent

If you want any advanced help, you can visit their website forum

You can Download uTorrent Free here

If you have any questions or suggestion, please post a comment

Dave 🙂