Shortcuts to Increase your typing speed – Memo Keys

I am not going to suggest a software that will make you type faster but there is a free software where it will memorize the frequently used word, sentences, paragraphs, signature and many more.

As a blogger it is very helpful to me. If you are a person using emails as a part of your everyday life, this should be a great option to save a lot of time and energy.

This is called MemoKeys. You can assign a hot key for each memory. And this only allows you to store the content using functional keys other than Cntrl or Alt or Shift. So your regular work will not get affected. The same time, When you are working in MS office application your functional keys will not work.

For example, if you have Memokeys running, you cannot use F2 to edit the cells in MS Excel. Not only this key, you cannot use any other Functional keys along with memo keys, you need to close MemoKeys than use MS Office.

You can download this program from the below link

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How to take a Screenshot?

There are so many programs available today to take screen shot of your screen.

There are paid and free softwares available in the market.

Here you can find how you can take a screen shot without additional software from your PC.

  • Open any page or screen
  • On any keyboard, you will find the PrintScreen button towards the top right-hand side
  • Press the print screen button
  • There wont be any indication that you have taken a screen shot
  • Open a word document, and paste
  • You will see the screen shot pasted on the word document
  • You can also open the MS Paint application which comes along with Windows PC
  • And paste the screen shot inside the Paint application
  • You can save this image from Paint application to formats like BMP or JPEG or JPG
  • So this will be saved as an image and you can send it through email

If you want to crop (cut) the image, you can use Office Picture Manager or Irfan View or other free softwares

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