How to easily delete the temporary files from your PC

When you delete the temp files from your Windows PC, your PC will function faster.

Temp files are stored in your computer when you work. All the temp files are stored in a folder for faster access. When you browse the Internet, the web-pages will store several information in the temp folder for faster access.

So it is always good to delete the temp folders.

  • Click Start
  • Click “Run”, you will see a small window to enter the information.
  • Enter %temp%
  • Yes, Don’t forget to put % at the beginning and at the end
  • Then click Run
  • You will see a window opening with all the temp files in it. Select all the files and press “Delete”
  • Sometimes all the files will not be deleted, you can use Unlocker to unlock those files and delete
  • You can do this either at the beginning of your work or before you shutdown your PC

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Dave 🙂

Start Menu and Classic Start Menu

Windows XP offers 2 types of start menu

1. Regular Start Menu

2. Classic Start Menu

The difference between both

Classic start menu will not have the My computer / My documents /My Music links inside the start menu. But the regular or the new Start Menu will have all these and it will not display the My computer and My documents Icon in the desktop.

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